Beat Back Buyer's Remorse

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Beat Back Buyers Remorse Jungle Fever

Imagine yourself:  My dream vacation---a safari in  Africa!  You have prepped, you've read everything about "life in the jungle", YOU ARE READY to experience your dream! 

But wait, there's more!  You're actually there and the real, really real realities take shape. 

"Oh, huh, I didn't know the night time howling would be that loud and close to my tent." 

"Darn!  These bug bites really sting!"

I call it the "Big bad "boo hoo...what did I get myself into????

Don't worry we all go through it in some way or another. 

Sometimes the best way to shake it off is the "Suck it Up Buttercup" method:

Re-Visit your list of why you bought this home in the first place:

Tax benefits over renting


Equity build

Re-list the things you fell in love with and don't forget:

You may do/decorate/mastermind EXACTLY what you want to do to your living space


Breathe, hop in the car to Ace is the Place and find out how to install the shower head you have ALWAYS wanted.

Your every morning shower will make your new homeowner life uniquely yours and your home, "so oh so," sweet home feelings of love will return.

*Your Lender may have input* ;)